I grew up on a small family farm in Southern Vermont, with horses, sheep, cows, pigs,  ducks, chickens, turkeys, and a gazillion dogs and cats. I don't remember not drawing or painting animals.

My first official portrait was of my Dad's cat Simon. I  think I was ten years old.

I now live with my own wonderful tiger boy, Smelly Cat, who is a great help to my art, especially when he steals my erasor. My studio is also shared with Looch (my golden corgi boy) and Maybelle, a corgi/border collie cross who is too smart for her own good. The dorgis make sure to rest up at my feet as I work.

And I am so lucky to have  Falconer, the amazing 33 year old morgan who is the love of my life, and Cody, a handsome handsome buckskin. They are both my fitness plan and my source of mental health
The Artist and Her Family
Smelly CatMaybelleLoochFalconerDad